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On January 19th, (the one year anniversary of the club being founded) students were called into the gym for a mandatory assembly. The exact nature of this assembly wasn't explained to the students at the time, but was later discovered to be an excuse so a ghost hunting division of the FBI could raid the school and take care of the ghost problem.

The Raid[]

While the agents were successful in destroying a number of ghosts (including Alex the library ghost, Connie the germ ghost, Friday, the little ghost girl, and McJiggers) they also caused a lot of property damage (blowing up the library in order to destroy Alex) as well as killing a few civilians (Gomez Bob Gomez, Tobey Rosso, Antonio Carbone and Schuyler Schrier) and even losing a few of their members in ghost fights, as well as one that was killed by Rosalie Beneth.

Opening the Portal[]

After getting high readings of ectoplasm from the basement, the agents discovered the reason for the school's ghost problem; a naturally occuring ghost portal. The agents promptly decided the best way to eliminate the ghost problem would be to destroy the ghost portal and thus did so.

The Consequences[]

What the agents didn't realize was that the portal was a barrier for Malawrath and that opening this was a horrible idea.

A venomous green fog was released from the portal, killing all of the agents that were in the basement, as well as causing an earthquake throughout Misery High. Malawrath, along with several other ghosts and beasts from hell, then began to attack any humans that got too close.

Numerous students, ghosts and teachers died in the resulting fight and the main school building collapsed. It was only once a small group of survivors gathered in the astronomy tower that Father Time as well as a mysterious group of ghosts fought and defeated Malawrath.

The timeline was then reset so that the portal was never destroyed, Malawrath was never released and there was no apocalypse. A few memories of the event still remain for those involved, but most pass it off as being caused by drugs or a lack of sleep.