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He wants your braaaaaaaaaaaaaains
art @ SilverFlowerGirl13

Name: Caliban Tempest

Age: 217

Gender: Male

Species: Zombie Ghost

Occupation/role: . . . Being the only ghost of a corpse

Era of death: 1890's

Cause of death: Suffocation

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Amazingly, with Zabitha

Likes: Watching people sleep, Zabitha, wide open spaces, dancing

Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, dark places, Ashton, zombie jokes, his appearance

Bio: Caliban was a quiet kid, always hanging around the edges of society, a real... dreamer if you will. But one day he had such a great shock from a ghost attack that he fell unconscious, and that turned into a small coma. So then they mistook him for being dead, and buried him alive. If you would go to his grave, you would find that there was a bell sticking out of the ground, but the little string that connects the bell to the person below had been cut... And poor Caliban woke up in a dark enclosed space, and panicked. He yelled, he tried to ring the bell, but alas, he suffocated and died... and the ghost of his decayed body came back to haunt the school... But then he found Zabby, and he brightened up immediantly

Interesting Facts:

  • Would be perfect to act as the Phantom of the Opera
  • Has the ability to grow his nails longer and slice at people, but probably doesn't realize he can
  • Someone cut the string of the bell...
  • Has only killed one person to this date: Ashton