The Misery High Wiki

Charlie the reaper. @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Charlie Reeper

Age: Looks 17-18

Gender: Female

Species: Ghost/Reaper

Powers: Standard ghost powers, standard reaper powers

Occupation/role: Reaper/Former Misery High student

Era of death: late 70’s

Cause of death: (See bio)

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Swinging her scythe around

Dislikes: Resident ghosts that go on a killing spree(it gives her more work to do)

Personality: Quiet but stern.

Bio: Back when Charlie was a student at Misery High, she was behind the murder of another student. She felt no guilt, no sorrow, for her act. In fact, she had been planning it for a while. The deadly prankster ghost, Mahv, saw Charlie’s act and thought she would make a nice target for his sick game. Unlucky for her, the dice chose death as Charlie’s fate. Her soul was come across by Death soon after. Death saw Charlie’s need for spilling blood and had the perfect job for her. Charlie’s soul was sentenced to forever be the reaper of Misery High (her name had absolutely nothing to do with it. </sarcasm>). Her job is to send the souls of dead Misery High students to their afterlife. Seeing as the students seem to drop like flies, Charlie has a lot of work cut out for her. It wasn’t supposed to be a punishment, seeing as Death thought she would enjoy reaping souls, but Charlie takes it as her punishment. She’s usually depressed and will forever feel extreme guilt for the evil things she had done in her life. She rarely makes herself known to the students at the school. The only ones who have seen her were ones who had a near death experience (more often than not because of a ghost) or actually died, though the dead can’t record their sightings of her.


Riley Stone Riley Stone is another reaper whom Charlie hates with a burning passion. He often calls her Charles which she hates. In return she calls him Old Man or something along those lines, making fun of his age. Riley nags about her not doing her job correctly but Charlie never takes it to heart, though she probably should.

Death (The Grim Reaper)

Lord of the dead and Charlie's boss. Charlie has grown strong feelings for him will do anything to impress him. She hopes one day he'll leave his wife and be with her.


Wife of Death (not the flashlight ghost). Charlie loathes her, even more than she does Riley. Many a time Charlie has plotted Persephone's downfall but none of her plans have worked or were put into action.

Morgan plays dress up with Charlie.

Morgan Flint

Charlie sees Morgan as a nuisance as she always follows Charlie around. Morgan sees Charlie as cool and wants to learn from her while also teaching Charlie what she knows, whether Charlie likes it or not. Morgan often drags Charlie to a goth club in order to loosen her up. So far her methods aren't doing much.