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Cupid (c) kagstar

Name: Harold Jenkins aka Cupid

Age: 16 at death

Era of death: 1980's

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost. Was born human.

Powers: Ability to hypnotise and brainwash victims into falling in love with someone..regardless of their own feelings. Standard ghost powers.

Occupation: Misery High's resident match maker... from hell.

Orientation: Pansexual

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Matching up unlikely and usually disasterous couples in the school. Killing off the happy couples (since the unlikely ones he sets up usually does that for him.)

Dislikes: Happy couples in the school. Love. People in love. Hearts. People calling him Cupid. Pink! Oh god, PINK!


Harold Jenkins was born in to a happy family. Resonably happy. His parents fought constantly and his younger siblings though of him as an idiot. So it's no surprise that Harold became disconnected from other people and shy. This only intensified once he was enrolled in Misery High.

Freshman year started with Harold being labeled as the year's 'loser' and coped the worst of the bullying. Swirlies, notes on his back, and wedgies were the kindest. A few times he was beat up in the locker room and was also the subject of pshychological abuse.

When he was in his Sophmore year, he fell for the captain of the cheer squad. He wrote many lvoe powems to her, but kept them hidden in his locker. One day, said cheerleader's macho meat-headed boyfriend got into Harold's locker and found these notes. To get back at him and humiliate him, he and his girlfriend sent Harold a love letter, saying that she wanted to meet him at the upcoming Valentines dance. One catch ; he had to wear a Cupid outfit. Diaper and all.

Foolish and in love, Harold showed up to the dance wearing a diaper and pink wings and carrying bow and arrows. It was not a costume themed dance. The entire school and some of the faculty laughed at his expense. He ran out in tears, and didn't notice the 4th story window til he fell though it. No one knew he fell out, so while he survived the fall (barely) he bled to death on the grass outside. His dying thoughts were only of hatred of love and valentines day.


Harold as a human had red hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

As a ghost: his hair turned pink and his eyes turned a vibrant green. His skin also turned a blue tinge.


Harold Jenkins was a shy, sensative hopeless romantic. Now, as a ghost, he is a bitter, angry and rather rude ghost who love snothing more than to break couples up and ruin peoples day.



Sophia Lita (Persephone) was a fellow student in Harold's year. They only interacted a few times and little did Cupid know that she had a crush on him. Not that he would have believed it if he knew.