The Misery High Wiki

It be stealin up your faces. @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Real name unknown. Is called the Face Stealer.

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Ghost that kills students and steals their face

Era of death: Unknown

Cause of death: Unknown

Orientation: Unknown

Relationship status: Unknown

Likes: Blood, ripping off faces, the screams of its victim

Dislikes: Not having a face of its ow

Personality: Not much is known about this one. There aren’t many survivors but the supposed survivors say it’s vicious, bloodthirsty, and ruthless

Bio: The Face Stealer hunts down students that it deems beautiful or handsome enough and kills them. It’s method of killing is taking its massive, sharp claws and digging them through its victims head and cutting the face off. The Face Stealer is rumored to do this because it wants a face of its own. It tries on the face for a while and once it gets tired of its new face, it tracks down a new target and gets a new face. It likes to turn itself invisible expect for its mask and scare students at night, the students only seeing the horrifying face of their once classmate. It is also rumored that it hides its face collection somewhere in the school, though it has never been found.