The Misery High Wiki


Name: Annabelle Lincoln (known to the students as Friday)

Age: looks 15

Gender: Female

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Former Misery High student/ bringer of bad luck

Era of death: 60s

Cause of death: Electrocuted

Powers: Standard ghost powers. Has a limited ability to control electricity due to her dying of electrocution. Usually uses it to shock students.

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Causing people to have bad luck.

Dislikes: When her pranks don’t work, people with no sense of humor. Personality: A little prankster and a brat.

Bio: Annabelle was an ignorant freshman before she died. She made it her priority to cause everyone trouble. On Friday the 13th, even before she arrived at Misery High, she would pull countless numbers of pranks on her classmates to convince them that they had bad luck. Her peers began to become fed up with this and decided to do something about it. They electrified a doorknob to shock her with when she opened the door. She fell for it but the students accidently had the charge too high and the electric shock killed her. Her soul desired revenge after that. She now goes around giving random students bad luck. Friday the 13th, for her, is like Halloween, Christmas, and her birthday wrapped all into one. She loves that day, though it was the day she died, and puts forth her wrath tenfold on Friday the 13th. The Misery High students call her Friday because of it. Misery High hasn’t gone one Friday the 13th without a casualty.


  • Friday was "killed" in the ghost hunter raid on January 19th 2011 and has moved on.