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If only he were as cool as he thinks he is.@ SilverFlowerGirl13

Name: Icarus

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: FLYING BLUE FUCK

Era of death: Ancient Greece

Cause of death: Falling from high above the ocean

Orientation: Straight. (But he'll do anything << >>)

Relationship status: o3o Taken

Likes: Flying, Aglaia, mythology, books, girls, sex, sex, SEEEEEEEEEEEEX

Dislikes: Harold, when his shades are missing, Icarus am disappoint in lack of condoms. Said the manwhore o3o

Personality: Carefree, cocky, a tiny bit stalkerish, rather easy to get jealous, loyal, a little self-centered, perverted. VERY perverted

Bio: Died in Greece, stalked Aglaia here, had FUN FUN FUN with some of the people here, Aglaia died, and now they is together o3o THE END 8D

Why you won t see her flying by silverflowergirl13-d3fm2jt.png
Eternal love <3
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