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The little ghost girl that lives in the orchestra room. @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Real name unknown. She is called Little Ghost Girl by many students.

Age: looks 7-8

Gender: Female

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Cute little ghost girl

Era of death: Unknown

Cause of death: Unknown, most likely murdered.

Powers: Standard ghost powers (invisibility, intangibility, flight)

Orientation: Presumably straight

Relationship status: Unknown

Likes: Classical music, fancy dresses, stuffed animals, tea parties

Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, thunderstorms, strangers

Personality: Is very shy and quiet and doesn’t make herself known until she really gets to know someone by watching them long enough. She doesn’t often speak to students but the few she has connected with say she’s very sweet.

Bio: No one knows who this little girl is or how she died but she has been seen hanging out in the orchestra room and nowhere else. Some students think that she was once a younger sibling to a past student and was murdered one family visiting day. There are no records of such happenings however. It is unknown why she prefers to stay in the orchestra room or if she is able to venture anywhere else. She doesn’t cause much of a problem though and just sits around while listening to the orchestra play. She doesn’t show herself much and has been mistaken for a student on more than one occasion when she does.


  • The Little Ghost Girl was "killed" in the ghost hunter raid on January 19th 2011 and has moved on.


The little ghost girl is always seen in her yellow flowered dress and yellow hat.


  • Has become fond of the orchestra student Moesha Bridges. Moe would practice her bass alone in the orchestra room, the music luring the little ghost girl out of hiding. Seeing that Moe was kind hearted, she allowed herself to become close to her. Moe gave her the nickname Gi-Gi, short for ghost girl.
  • It's rumored that the little ghost girl and Mary-Anne are related due to their similar appearances but this was never confirmed.