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Name: Warner McJiggers

Age: Was 72 when he died

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Tech hating old fart

Era of death: 1996, "killed" again at the Academic Assembly

Cause of death: Killed by Ms Reynolds. You don't need to know the details.

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: He's a cranky old man ghost. You really think he's seeing anybody? Used to be married to Mrs Reynolds.

Likes: Economics, talking about the great depression, GDP, playing ukelele, spending time with students, especially Alana and Donny

Dislikes: Technology, students getting hurt, the fact that he failed at something very important

Personality: Harmless, unless you're a cell phone.

Bio: Warner McJiggers was the former economics teacher for Misery High and, for awhile, had absolutely no idea how he died other than the fact that somehow, technology was involved. This resulted in him haunting the school and destroying technology for awhile.

Eventually McJiggers remembered that he was married to Agatha Reynolds and that she killed him when he had discovered some of the schemes of the principal at the time. Revenge was not the initial plan, but then she killed a student at prom and was forced to act along with Berta Lawrence.

Right when McJiggers was going to move on, he discovered Reynold's will and the fact that she left a scholarship for a fourteen year old boy named Donatello Nasato.

He hadn't had any children when he was alive...but the timing was perfect and after seeing the boy in person his guess was confirmed. Reynolds had given birth shortly after his death. As a result, McJiggers gained a new reason to stay in this world; to watch over his son.

Unfortunately, he did horribly, disappearing at times when Donny needed him or sticking around at times when it would have been best for him to leave. He slowly realized that Donny's choice of hobby was very wrong, but was unsure of how to stop him without having him arrested. McJiggers tried to convince Donny to stop, but ultimately failed, and Donny committed suicide.

With his last reason for staying in this world gone yet no sign of moving on in sight, McJiggers was glad for the chance to "die" again on January 19th.

The form of his ghost is destroyed and he will not return.


  • Standard ghost powers (Flight, intangibility, invisibility)
  • Control over pieces of technology


  • Easily distracted
  • Horrible at parenting