The Misery High Wiki

Cute lil ghost guinea pig. @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Mr. Scruffles

Age: 5 years old when he died

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost Guinea Pig

Powers: Average ghost abilities

Occupation/role: Ghost of Riley's childhood pet guinea pig

Era of death: '90s or early 2000's

Cause of death: Old age (possibly over-feed by Riley)

Orientation: Unknown, presumably straight

Relationship status: Unknown

Likes: Riley, following Riley around, eating (though he can't do that anymore)

Dislikes: Not being able to be pet anymore

Bio: Mr. Scruffles is the ghost of Riley's old pet guinea pig. Riley claims he follows her around but no one believes her. People who have seen him have only made him out as a small glow and was unsure of what it was or only think it was their imagination. This little guinea pig also tends to be an excuse for Riley's highjinx. One time, Riley got in trouble for leaving the kitchen fridge open all night. Riley claims she left it open for Mr. Scruffles so he wouldn't go hungry. Mr. Scruffles also loves Riley. He wants her. In his pants. Though seeing as he's a guinea pig and a ghost he is unable to buy pants.