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She's actually incredibly dim
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Name: Persephone, was named Sophia Lite when she was a human.

Age: 15

Grade: Was a sophomore

Gender: Female

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Wall Ghoul's favorite... and occasionally a nightlight.

Era of death: 1980's

Cause of death: Wall Ghoul

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single, although this is mainly her fault.

Likes: Helping people out, summer, a certain pink ghost, younger children

Dislikes: The dark, being helpless, the wall ghoul, the school year

Personality: Pretty dim... but surprisingly very perky and happy when she's out in the summer

Bio: Not much is known about this ghost, because she's only really seen during the summer. What is known is that she was going to a dance with a Greek theme when she left and got killed by the wall ghoul. Her ghost now gets dragged down to his little lair area every fall, and she stays there until summer.

When she's active she uses her powers (light, obviously) to help students who are wandering the halls late at night. As a result there are little to no deaths by wall ghoul during the summer. Of course most students are gone during that time... stupid ghost.

She's often seen around Cupid in the summer for unknown reason... There's speculation that they used to be classmates but nothing has been confirmed.

She didn't come out last summer, and it's unknown whether she's moved on, or was killed.

Powers: Can generate and create light and, in cases of extreme anger, fire


  • The color of her aura depends on her mood, the darker and closer to orange it is the angrier or adventurous she's feeling
  • When she blushes it's yellow
  • Beethoven claims to have killed her, but that's Beevy so can we really believe him?