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Name: Wall Ghoul

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Species: Ghost

Occupation/role: Ghost that haunts the halls between dorms at Misery High

Era of death: Unknown

Cause of death: Unknown

Orientation: Unknown

Relationship status: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Bio: Excerpt from Luke's ghost catalogue notes:

The wall ghoul is another feared and highly dangerous apparition that haunts the halls of Misery High. Students are not allowed out of their dorm rooms after dark because of the Wall Ghoul, as anyone caught out of their rooms by him is never seen again. There's a game often played by girls involving incoming freshmen called the 'flashlight game' using this ghost, and unfortunately as a result we lose a lot of freshmen that way. No one knows why he snatches students or what happens to them-though there is this one story, where a girl was out and the wall ghoul almost got her. Almost no one ever comes back from an encounter but she claimed she hit him over the head with her flashlight and cracked its skull. When the girl woke her friends and a teacher and led them to the body of the wall ghoul, it wasn't there, but what was there instead was a dead freshman boy with a cracked skull-a boy who had vanished a month prior playing the flashlight game.


  • Can use shadows to move anywhere it wants.
  • Um, grabbing people?