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Club type: Rock band

Current members:

Former members:

Formation and Backstory:

The band started as a humble idea by guitarist Tabby Marsin in 2010. Justin Patchett heard wind of it, and being an avid bass player, asked to help Tabby form a band within the school. Justin, being a people person, found the band another guitarist in the form of charismatic 'front man' Blain Briggs. Justin and Blain bonded quickly and became best friends. Tabby and Estela were close as well, but not as close as the boys.

The first blow to the band came when Tabby transfered out of Misery High to another school. The transfer hit Justin the most.

After a little while, the band realised if they wanted to make it, they needed a 4th member. They advertised for a keyboardist this time, as they wanted to branch out to other genres.

Ronny Michaels applied as the keyboardist and got the position.