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There is no way this could end badly. @Kagstar

Before Spring break 2010, Justin Patchett announced that he would be holding a party at his parent's house. His band Haunting the Halls would be playing, and a fun (and hopefully safe) time would be had by all.

What Actually Ended up Happening[]

Well you know kids and their wild parties with their hula hoops and their hip hop music.

First, Carl Henry Frederickson got the bright idea to hire strippers. This would have worked out nicely if a mix-up hadn't occured, causing male strippers to come instead of the expected female ones.

Second, someone snuck alcoholic beverages into the party. Students started making out with each other, Damian hooked up with Maria, Hajime Yamada started streaking, and a few partygoers fell victim to having marker drawings on their face.

Artist's representation@ NightViper16

Fortunately, Luke and Rose confessed that they liked each other and started dating. Unfortunately the whole party ended up becoming the front page story on the next edition of the Misery High newspaper thanks to Evangeline Mortman.

You win some, you lose some.