The Misery High Wiki

Rafaella in her Misery High uniform.

Name: Rafaella Todorovsky

Age: sixteen (D.O.B. May 17th, 1995)

Grade: Junior

Gender: female

Species: human

Occupation/role: student

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: single

Dorm Room/Roommate : ?/Nemain Clurichaun

Likes: music, painting, animals, singing, comics, coffee, tea

Dislikes: reality TV, Belgium (Viola got them kicked out last summer), her mom's short temper, public relations, tabloids

Personality: Calm, patient, down-to-earth, relaxed, clever, thinks fast, surrealist and ironic sense of humor

Bio: Rafaella is the long-time neighbor, cousin, an best friend to Betsy Spinoza and Viola Celli. Her father is Scott Todorovsky, drummer for the band "Four-Oh!". Her mother is Giovanna Todorovsky (nee Veneziano), an alternative fashion designer who will kick anyone who says fashion is for sissies right in their stupid faces. She knows Italian, courtesy of her bisnonna(great-grandmother), nonna(grandmother), and mom. She loves music, though not quite as much as Viola. Raffaella is more musically inclined towards opera, but gets upset when people call opera boring. She's also a fan of musicals like Wicked, Cabaret, and more recently The Addams Family Musical (which Viola and Betsy surprised her with by taking her to see it for her birthday).