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She just wants to paint a picture of you. What's wrong with that?@ hermiethefrog

Name: Mrs. Agatha Reynolds

Age: 60

Gender: Female

Species: Human with some psychic abilities

Occupation/role: Former art teacher at Misery High

Era of Death: April 30th, 2010

Cause of Death: Murdered by McJiggers and Miss Lawrence

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Widowed. (Her husband, Warner McJiggers, mysteriously disappeared fourteen years ago.)

Likes: Creativity, art, painting strange pictures of people dying or generally being injured, creepy and strange stuff in general

Dislikes: People who think art isn't important, (thankfully her classes never had issues with budget cuts), her visions

Bio: Mrs. Reynolds at first appeared to be your average nice old lady, but eventually it was discovered that there were very things about her.

Her classes were well-liked. She knew her stuff, and she would let the students be as creative as they need to be. She regularly encouraged the students to release their feelings in their work, and had often done so by giving them assignments of drawing monsters or even to draw themselves dying.

Eventually it was discovered that the various paintings she kept in her office were in fact paintings of the various deaths that occured around Misery High. One of these paintings included Tania Jones, a recent victim of the wall ghoul. Upon being questioned about this, Reynolds grew hostile and threatened to "make paintings" of the students involved.

The students, in response to this, went to Evangeline Mortman and asked her to investigate the art teacher and eventually, publish an article in the school newspaper on her findings. One of the things they discovered was that the resident ghost Warner McJiggers was in fact her husband and that she had killed him. The other thing they discovered was that Reynolds had visions of deaths prior to their occurence and that she was helpless to stop them.

Unfortunately, the article was never published and Reynolds, acting on one of her visions, pushed Evangeline down the stairs at prom, killing her. Her coworker, Berta Lawrence, confronted Reynolds on this, causing Reynolds to kill her as well.

Lawrence, who returned as a ghost, decided enough was enough and, along with McJiggers, killed Reynolds once and for all. It seemed all was well... until McJiggers found that Reynold's will left a scholarship to a fourteen year old boy by the name of Donatello Nasato...

She has not returned as a ghost.


  • Sees how a person is going to die about 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Can see how a ghost died when she encounters one


  • Is absolutely powerless to prevent the death, interference on her part will only cause it to happen another way
  • Must record the death in some form (such as painting), otherwise she will receive headaches