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Name: Benjamin Saks

Age: 32

Gender: Male (presumably...not like he has any balls)

Species: Wimp

Occupation/role: Former counselor at Misery High

Era of death: November 24th, 2010

Cause of death: Shot in the head by Donatello Nasato

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Classical music, western movies...not much else.

Dislikes: His job, students, people, get the point. Also Alana because NO, he cannot give you a discount to Sak's 5th Avenue.

Personality: Cowardly guy who really needs to go die off in a ditch somewhere...or at least leave his job and let someone who knows how to do it take it. Thankfully he did.

Bio: Benjamin Saks somehow managed to get a degree in counseling despite the fact that his incompetency in the subject is fairly obvious. He really hates his job and the it seems weird that he would apply there.

Reason being; the ghosts. The guy's secretly suicidal but is too cowardly to actually go through with it. So he's waiting for the ghosts to do it for him.

For awhile it didn't seem like this was working. Than Saks met Donatello Nasato and mentioned the fact that he keeps a gun in his office that he's never had the courage to actually use. Donatello later used the gun to kill Saks and make it look like Saks had finally gone through with killing himself. It would have worked if Saks hadn't been left handed, either way, he finally got what he wanted.

He has not returned as a ghost.