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He'd be happier if students would just stop getting hurt.@ hermiethefrog

Name: Dr. Bernie Jenkins

Age: 57

DOB: October 15th, 1954

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Doctor, occasionally does so for the army. Now a school nurse

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: Married, has three children

Likes: Smoking, peace and quiet, calm situations in general, kids when they're well behaved

Dislikes: hippies, not being able to smoke, disrespectful kids

Personality: Not exactly the nicest person to be around, pretty irritable in fact. He doesn't hate his job, more the fact that in order to do his job someone has to get hurt.

Bio: Bernie Jenkins was unfortunate enough to get drafted for the Vietnam war right when he turned 18. He, however, was also fortunate enough to get drafted in 1972 and since American troops pulled out in 1973, he was only there for a year.

After that he went to college, got married, had a few kids and ended up becoming a doctor. The reason for this was that if he ever was drafted again for some reason, he wouldn't have to be all that involved in combat.

He bounced around from hospital to hospital and occasionally went on army missions before settling in Amity Park. The exact reasons he stopped working for the hospital in Amity Park aren't clear. He claims he retired. They claimed they fired him.

His wife, figuring that he needed something to keep himself busy, recommended he try applying for the school nurse position at a nearby school called Misery High when the job opened. He decided to look into the school more before doing so. The good news was that he learned about the ghosts, mysterious disappearances and multitude of student injuries. The bad news was that the job was taken.

But then the position opened up he is. Yay.


  • Ended up "inheriting" an assistant from the previous nurse, Ssaundru Alexander
  • Just dislikes said previous nurse in general. For various complicated reasons
  • Is aware of the supernatural stuff going on at the school...more so than he would really like.
  • His personality and backstory was based off of Dr. House from House and Bill from Left 4 Dead. Like that wasn't obvious.