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She sews. A lot.@ hermiethefrog

Name: Isabella Hayward (Formerly Bates)

Age: 29

Gender: (Bitchy) Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Former home Ec teacher at MH, owned a small clothing shop in Amity Park

Era of death: December 23rd, 2010

Cause of death: Throat slit by Donatello Nasato

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: recent divorcee, single, no children

Likes: Sewing, silence, baking, children, her niece Miranda

Dislikes: Noise (unless it's kids making the noise), crowds of people, chaos, people calling her anything besides Isabella

Personality: Quiet, won't speak unless spoken too, but when she does speak she's very cold, needs to get laid

Bio: Isabella Hayward applied for the position of a home economics teacher at MH when the previous teacher died under "mysterious circumstances." She knew that her ex-husband Collin Bates worked there, but her shop wasn't doing very well and she needed another source of income. She didn't think it would be awkward as long as they avoided each other.

Her niece Miranda was visiting over the holiday break and was upset to learn that Collin had not only moved on, but was in a relationship with the IT teacher Ashleigh Felix She was discussing this along with the divorce in general and, unbeknownest to her, was being listened to by Donatello Nasato. Donny, figuring that Isabella had a miserable life and that he'd be doing her a favor, slit her throat with one of the many pairs of scissors available in the home ec classroom.

She has not returned as a ghost.