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The Bald Sphinx. Very elusive... Except at noon when the sun hits their heads
@ SilverFlowerGirl13

Name: Ambrose Maahes (Immortal Lion)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Sphinx

Occupation/role: Riddle-maker

Era of death: nein

Cause of death: nein

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: It's... complicated

Likes: riddles, when people can't solve them, inventing new riddles, reading, games, and acting

Dislikes: stupid people, people commenting on his baldness, people who easily solves his riddles, Carl

Bio: Whats more to say, that he came out of nowhere with big money, and since his first day a few students simply just... disappeared. And don't get started on the claw that serves as his earring, it looks like it has dried blood on it... he'll simply say it is paint to 'make it look cooler', but sometimes... if you look... some of the blood seems fresher... as in, still wet. However his grades are good and the money keeps flowing, so no one questions it... and if they do... Lets just say that mum's the word~

Oh shi-
@ SilverflowerGirl3

Interesting Facts:

  • His earring is really his claw, which was enchanted in order for him to look human... The only thing that stays the same is that fact that he is BALD
  • He is in fact bald
  • Ambrose has lost more meals then gained them Stupid Pothaired kid
  • He will get high if he smells catnip, and start speaking like an lolcat
  • Mint also affects him, just not as much
  • HAS WINGZ!!11!!1!!!
  • Went to prom as The Masque Of Red Death, but no worries there! It's not like his costume is kickass or something!