The Misery High Wiki

Name: Claudia R. Fatheringham


Grade: Junior

Gender: Female

Species: Gorgon

Occupation/role: turn people to stone *shot*

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Books, warm/damp places, singing, playing her intruments, meat, her "pet" snakes, plants

Dislikes: cold places, snow, swords/axes, sharp things

Personality: shy, outgoing when you get to know her, smart girl, little stuck up, bookworm

Bio: Claudia Fatheringham has lived most of her life on the outskirt of Toronto, Canada with her mom and dad. When she was only 7, her mother died from a car crash. Claudia was upset and sad that her mother left her so soon. When she was nine, her dad decided to move her and him to a little place in America called Misery Falls. Claudia wasn't very happy that they moved, since she was so far from her mother. But, over time, she started loving the place. At the age of 13, Claudia hit pubery like all normal girls did, but, something was off when she did. She started growing a full head of snakes and a snake like body. She also had the power to turn people to rock solid stone. Claudia ended up telling her dad and he, of course, helped his daughter. He ended up giving Claudia special glasses that protected people from her eyes and a special necklace that hid her true form. Her unique powers, the necklace and the glasses were her mom's before her. Claudia was happy now that she got to go out of her house and look like a normal girl. She even got to attend to the local private school, Misery High.