The Misery High Wiki

Humphrey in student disguise. @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Humphrey Abbot

Age: Hundreds of years old but physically looks 18. Claims birth year is 1992.

Grade: Senior (graduated)

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn, disguises himself as a human.

Occupation/role: Student/ druggie

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Not looking for any kind of emotional relationships but is all for the sexual aspects.

Likes: Drugs, sex, and rock n roll. And those cute lil umbrella drinks.

Dislikes: Girly things, the color pink, sparkles, sugary gunk.

Personality: Cold, apathetic

Bio: Humphrey lived a lonely life in the forest behind Misery High but since wanted some entertainment and decided to join the human students. He took on his human disguise and entered the mysterious halls. He likes his human form far more than his unicorn form. He resents other unicorns and their cheerful demeanor. Humphrey would rather jam on bass guitar and smoke than prance around in a meadow of flowers. Humphrey’s silver dragon ring also holds a secret of its own. His ring transforms into a dragon girl, Tate, who’s become friends with benefits with Humphrey. When not in dragon or human form, Humphrey wears her on his finger at all times.

Humphrey as a unicorn.


Carl Henry Frederickson

When Humphrey first arrived at Misery High he came across Carl. Carl not only saw him as a unicorn but also after he had transformed into his human disguise (uber nekkid). Carl thought he had gone crazy after seeing this and Humphrey uses this to his advantage to freak Carl out.


The dragon girl that transforms into his ring. They use each other for sex with no feelings what so ever attached.

Close up of Humphrey's ring.