The Misery High Wiki
Senior Lorelei.png

Name: Lorelei Gabrielle Bach

Age: 17

Year: Senior

DOB: 20th May 1995

Gender: Female

Species: Nixie

Occupation/Role: Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Dating Randy Shepard

Dorm Room/Roommate: 221, Melissa Ebanks

Likes: Water, swimming, singing, gifts, her boyfriend.

Dislikes: People being mean to her, droughts, Randy getting hurt.

Personality: She is a sweet and sensible girl. Mainly quiet and shy. It takes a lot to get her angry. However when she is angry, short and loud thunderstorms may erupt out of the blue. Since being with Randy, she's been a bit more open with people.

Bio: Lorelei was sent to Misery High from her small estate in Germany. At first she didn't like the idea but is now warming up to it because of the school's pool and lake. She disappears often to go swimming in both, mostly the lake because it's more secluded. Despite how nice she is, people who piss her off tend to disappear shortly afterwards(mostly boys), and they're found in nearby bodies of water, drowned. Those few who have survived their experience tell the tale about a beautiful long-haired mermaid with a stunning voice, luring them to the water.

In the past two years of her attendance, Lorelei has been acting less like a mermaid and more like a human. She still swims on occasion but not as much as she used to. Thankfully she hasn't drowned anyone in a long while.

Relations: Daughter to Adelheid and Hugo Bach, older sister to Irene and Hans Bach, younger sister to Hilda Bach.


  • Her Nixie form is close to that of a dolphin's.
  • She is able to reproduce sexually because of this, either with a Nix similar to her or a human male.
  • She got wet at Prom 2012, so her tail came out for everyone to see. She is unsure about who remembers.
  • Her emotions are tied with the weather. Anger causes short thunderstorms. Happiness causes rain during droughts.
  • If you give a gift to her, the weather will act accordingly.
  • She is currently pregnant with Randy's baby.