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Hayden Porter by Avatarraptor

Name: Hayden J. Porter

Age: 15

Grade: Junior

Gender: Male

Species: Human and 1/4 elf

Occupation/role: HS student, dirt bike rider, rat lover

Orientation: straight

Relationship stats: He is with Addylyn

Likes: B-ball, dirt bikes, fish/fishing, history, plants, nature, rodents, his pet rat, Stitches.

Dislikes: mean people, the color pink, cats, snakes, T-storms, hurricanes, and other stuff

Personality: Hayden is a kind and carring boy. He is quiet but not shy. He is really friendly and sweet. It takes him a looooong time to get him mad at you.

Bio: Hayden lived in Costa Rica for 11 years until he moved to the U.S. with his mom. He also lived in Ohio for about 3 years, until his mom decided to move to Misery Falls. He is new to the town and the nearby school, Misery High.

Hayden is a boy with a special talent. He is able to heal himself and others. Any cuts or bruises he gets heal faster then an average human. When Hayden heals others they heal fast too. But, there is a bad flaw to healing others and himself. He loses energy. By healing others, he loses energy from himself, causing him to get really hungry and weak. Also, if Hayden is tired, hungry, or weak he can't heal others or himself. Hayden gets his abilities of healing by his grandfather, who was an elf.

Hayden lives a normal life with his mom. He has a pet rat, Stitches, whom he keeps with him. Hayden loves to dirt bike ride and fish on his free time. He dislikes mean people and cats. Hayden loves to plant gardens and loves to play Basketball. Hayden loves to speak in Spanish a lot.