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Blain's a janitor. Nothing will be cleaned! @JackandDannysGirl

Name: Blain Briggs

Age: 19

DOB: March 15, 1992

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Janitor/ Former student (class of 2011)

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Dating Roxanne Griffin

Likes: rock music, parties, having fun, wicked guitar solos, Roxxy, his new daughter

Dislikes: “The Man”, homework

Personality: A rocker. Kind of dim-witted and doesn’t catch on easily but is very friendly.

Bio: Blain was a former student at Misery High where he played the rebellious rocker guy. He’s still his airheaded self whoever, despite his graduation into the real world.

Blain had gotten his girlfriend, Roxxy, pregnant, and after graduating decided to find a job. After being fired from every minimum wage job he could find, Blain finally decided to come back to his former school and work as a janitor. His sort of kind of friend Carl works as a janitor too so he figured, “The pothead can clean shit for cash, why can’t I?”. This way he’d also be closer to Roxxy and his new baby, Davi.


Blain's typical "rocker" look.

Blain has long, messy, brown hair that he always keeps tied back except when he sleeps. He has both ear cartiladges pierced along with his left eyebrow. He usually wears a black fingerless glove on his left hand. When not in his school uniform, he likes to wear band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and converse shoes.




  • Best friends and has a rad bromance with Justin Patchett. Blain is often seen glomping, messing with, or singing "Guy Love" with him.
  • Friends with bandmates Estela Vega, Ronny Michaels, and ex-bandmate Tabby Marsin.
  • Sees Carl Henry Frederickson as a friend of sorts, mostly after their roadtrip with Roxxy and Rosalie.
  • Shared a mutual loathing of his roommate, Raphael, during their first years of rooming together. Blain would often pick on Raphael and play practical jokes for his own amusement. During their senior year, the two became closer and Blain now sees him as a friend.


Other: Blain has grown afraid of the ghost McJiggers after he attacked him for having a cell phone. He also hates McJiggers for always telling him to get a haircut.

Haunting the Halls band[]

Blain plays guitar and provides lead vocals for the school band, Haunting the Halls.