The Misery High Wiki

The snobby control freak. @JacknDanny

Name: Arielle Hansley

Age: 15

DOB: October 27, 1996

Grade: Sophomore (Class of 2014)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single but she’s crushing on Max Bonner. She doesn’t know this but that causes a lot of problems.

Dorm Room/Roommate: 247/ Autumn O'Clery

Likes: Being in charge, being praised, attention, being right, boy bands (her guilty pleasure), talking, being listened to, strawberries, arguing and debating

Dislikes: not being noticed, not getting her way, being wrong, getting anything below an "A", snobs who think they know everything (which she can be sometimes. << Hypocrite...), people stealing her spotlight

Personality: Can be very high tempered and demanding. Plays nice until you try to overrule her. She’s very full of herself when it comes to leadership and considers herself the best choice for everything. Can also be very spazzy when it comes to the current boy band she’s obsessed with. She also throws a fit when things don’t go her way or when she loses an argument.

Bio: Arielle has been the student body president of her middle school every year. Though she ran a hard campaign it was mostly due to the fact that everyone else dropped out because of her “death threats”. She’s also been known in her past schools to start arguments and win just for the lolz. Arielle comes from a family of lawyers and is desperate to be just as successful in law as her parents. She found out about Misery High and begged her parents to send her there in hopes of it helping her already determined career. She’s also planned out her campaign to become class president at this new school as well. She’s recently become interested in Max Bonner who is actually her son that has come from the future, but she has no idea of that fact.


Arielle has strawberry blonde hair and light brown eyes. Her hair is usually tied up in a ponytail with a ribbon (usually red). She's not very curvy and lacks a mature body structure. She has pierced ears and usually has a stud in each ear.



  • Youngest of three children. Has two older brothers that are out of school.
  • Comes from a family of lawyers and politicians.


  • Arielle doesn't have many friends but she gets along with Rose Eaton and likes to think the rest of the debate club enjoys her company.


  • Arielle has formed a crush on her fellow debate club member, Max Bonner, after her saved her from a ghost attack caused by the Face Stealer. This causes severe problems as Max is actually Arielle's son from the future, but she doesn't know it.