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Candy the cat girl. Nya!
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Name: Candace 'Candy' Cheng

Age: 16

DOB: 7th January 1996

Grade: Sophmore/Class of 2014

Gender: Female

Species: Otaku. Human.

Ethnicity: 50% Chinese (Father) and 50% Singaporean (Mother)

Height/Weight: 160cm/ 45km (5'3/ Approximately 100 pounds)

Occupation: Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Likes: Anime/Manga, Yaoi, Pocky, Japanese things in general, Cute things, Bright colours, writing and drawing manga doujinshi’s (mostly about the boys at her school), drawing (though she’s not very good), cosplay

Dislikes: People dissing her likes, studying, her sister most of the time, when people tell her she’s not Japanese, Patrick (he scares her)

Quirks: Daydreamer. Very often drifts off in class, fantasizing about her next doujinshi.

Classes: English, Algebra, World History, Biology, Japanese, Phys Ed, Health, Studio Art, Drama.

Clubs: Otaku club


Bubbly, slightly hyperactive girl. Since she loves sugary food and sweets, can go from an extreme high one second to a sugar crash the next.


Now in her sophmore year, Candy has traded her pigtails for cat ears. She manages to get away with it, since they're in the school colours.

Sandra Cheng's younger sister. Candy is the only person to ever get away with calling Sandra "Sandy", but even that was a close one.

The school’s resident Yaoi shipper and manga ka. Her hobbies include setting up the attractive male population up with other males and then writing, drawing, and distributing a doujinshi about said couple.

Her greatest wish is for one of her doujinshi’s to become a reality. (Sure, that could happen). The other is to get one of them published.

Has a tendency to say Japanese words in her speech (eg. kawaii, ne? baka etc), despite the fact that her family is Chinese/ Singaporean.


Candace is of Chinese and Singaporean descent, and as such has dark hair and light skin. Her eyes are oval but unlike most people of her ethnicity is green, not brown. Her sister also has green eyes.

Candy is short, but not for her age and ethicity.

She used to wear her hair up in pigtails but has grown her hair out a few inches and now wears it down. She also now dones a pair of cat ears to give her self a cat-girl look. Candy also has a thick fringe.

Character Interactions:[]


Candy is Sandra Cheng's younger sister by 4 years. The two don't get along and don't spend a lot of time together. Sandra attended Misery High before graduating in 2010.


So far, due to her personality and hobbies, Candy hasn't managed to make a lot of friends at Misery High. Not that she minds. She has many friends online who are fans of her doujinshi's. She's also recently befriended resident ghost otaku, Frida. God help us all.

Candy has also managed to make friends with Augustus March . She has a friend crush on him already. He's also the only boy in the school she won't write a doujinshi about. Lucky him.