The Misery High Wiki


Name: Cornelia Binx

Age: 17

DOB: February 15, 1995

Grade: Junior (class of 2013)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single and looking

Dorm Room/Roommate: *needs one*

Likes: Gossip, fashion magazines, writing stories (the more juicier and far-fetched the better!), flirting, spending money, spending money that isn’t hers.

Dislikes: Schoolwork, stupid girls, posers, people who think they’re better than her when they’re really just jealous.

Personality: A fashionista and a total gossip. She can be a snob and a bit thick headed at times. She cares deeply for her cousin, Jayden, and will beat the ever loving crap out of anyone who tries to give either of them trouble.

Bio: Growing up in a family with plenty of money to spare left Cornelia with a love of expensive things and a love for shopping for them. Her only child rich kid lifestyle changed when her family took in her cousin, Jayden. Cornelia wasn’t keen on having Jayden there, especially with her gender confusion, but she eventually accepted her cousin for who she, or he, is. She now sees Jayden as a sibling and feels very protective of him. After Cornelia’s sophomore year and the beginning of Jayden’s high school career, Cornelia’s mother pulled Cornelia out of her all girls academy so she could watch out for her cousin at Misery High.


Cornelia is tall and slender with tanned skin, light brown wavy hair, and light blue eyes. She usually wears a headband or some sort of hair accessory.



  • Lives with mother and father
  • Only child
  • Cousin of Jayden Klein (sees him as a sibling)