The Misery High Wiki

Name: Damian Michael Renalds

Age: 18/November 19th, 1993

Year: Senior

Species: Human

Occupation/Role: Student/ Hunter who was sent to investigate and gather any information about the strange and unusal occurances on campus.

Relationship Status: Currently dating and engaged to Maria Heart.

Dormroom/Roommate: Room 269 Darren Rodriguez

Likes: Playing the piano, days where nothing unusual occurs, excersising, weapons of all varieties, and listening to relaxing music.

Dislikes: People who refuse to cooperate, people who don't understand, vampires, and various other supernatural creatures who hunt humanity.

Personality: Cares about others, inquisitive, determined, stubborn, and very protective over those he cares about.

Bio: Only child of the late and semi popular singer and songwriter, Amy Renalds, and Mathew Renalds. His early childhood was semi normal for a child whose mother was in the public eye. He would go to all the award ceremonies and concerts his mother had. His father at that time was the person who would build the sets and the props that would be on stage while she sang. Damain, from ages 2-7, was happy and was showing promise that he might follow in his mother's footsteps one day. Especially since he picked up how to play the piano without much difficulty.

This life was ended ubruptly when he witnessed his mother's 'death' at the hands of a vampire named, Joseph Athens when he was seven years of age. His father was determined to kill the thing Damian saw that had attacked and taken his wife's body away. That was how Damian entered the realm of the supernatural and became a hunter.

When his father began to hear rumors that Misery High was haunted, he sent Damian, who was a junior at the time, to go and investigate the rumors. During that time Damian fell in love with his current fiance, Maria Haert. He gained a trusted companion and confidant, Jordan Gallagher (now a vampire). He also created an information exchange network within the school so he can be informed of nearly all the strange occurances at the school and determine whether or not action should be taken.

The event that effected him the most was Halloween 2010. He fought and defeated the vampire that had changed his life forever but at the cost of the life of his unborn son, Michael. Another consquence of that event was Jordan freeing herself from her late master, Joseph Athens, and once again becomeing a valuable ally, with some terms and conditions of course.

Currently he is planning on going to college and getting a degree in Musical theory and in Myths and Folklore.

Relations: Mathew Renalds, father.