The Misery High Wiki

She's cute until she accidentally murders you and hides the body.
@ Hermiethefrog

Name: Felicia Mallard

Age: 15

DOB: January 7th, 1998

Grade: Sophomore

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student

Orientation: Lesbian

Relationship status: Single

Dorm Room/Roommate: 102, Pearl-Kianoma Kinnley

Likes: Band, playing/practicing her tuba, hats, wrestling, sports in general, making friends and hanging out with people, traveling and seeing new places

Dislikes: Being in the same place for too long, feeling lonely, math, cats (she's allergic,) some girly things (but not all), lice, smaller spaces (might be a bit claustrophobic?), blood (and a bit hemophobic)

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, and adventurous. Can be a bit hyper at times, but will kick ass if it's required. Nervous and jumpy about certain topics.

Backstory: Felicia Mallard has a pretty nice life. She lived with her parents (her mom's a vet, her dad's a high school band teacher,) and two younger brothers in a city in West Virginia that's a few hours away from Misery Falls.

Her dad was traveling for a band competition when he learned about a boarding school named Misery High. He thought it sounded interesting, so he mentioned it to Felicia. Felicia looked up the school and, after deciding that the place sounded really cool, tried applying for a scholarship.

She heard a bit about the rumors and believed some of them. Ghosts sounded plausible, the other things like crazy murders and risks of the apocalypse did not. Nevertheless, she was excited to attend and was sure it would be a fun experience!

Since Coming to Misery High: It mostly was. She made some friends, including Bernadette and Claire. She also run into a few ghosts. (Looking at you, Beevy.)

One day close to the end of her freshmen, she and a group of kids (Grayson, Justin, Eric, and Damian) went to hang out on the roof of an abandoned factory in town. Drinks were shared and it was overall a fun time. Then they ran into another student, Jenn Applewhite. Something happened and she accidentally ended up falling off the roof.

The kids, scared of being caught and punished, decided to cover up the murder by chopping up the body and hiding the parts around the woods. They haven't been caught yet, but that doesn't change the fact that Jenn came back as a ghost, or the fact that Felicia seems to get freaked out about things like blood now...