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Name: Giselle Bouchard

Age: November 14th 1993, 18

Grade: Graduated class of 2012

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: French foreign exchange student. Oui oui. Also monster bait.

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Dating/engaged/Monster Married to Ambrose

Dorm Room/Roommmate: formerly 248 with Billy Coen

Likes: American movies, fast cars, repairing things, pretty and girly clothes, traveling

Dislikes: stereotypes, horror stories, greasy foods, cold weather, being stared at by perverted boys, being attacked by monsters, Easter, her parents

Personality: Friendly, talkative, likes to get messy and repair things but only if she can clean up and dress up later.

Bio: Giselle was born to two ambassadors for the United States, and as such she spent a lot of time in both countries growing up and learned to speak languages. She also learned a lot about both cultures.

She's spent most of her time in boarding schools, so the experience is nothing new to her. When the oppurtunity to finish her high school education at Misery High presented herself, her parents eagerly accepted it so she could spend more time in the country. Strangely, no one else in the school wanted to apply...weird...

Now that she's at Misery High she's quickly beginning to realize why exactly nobody wanted to apply to Misery High. This is mainly due to the fact that she seems to have a rather strange ability to attract and find the supernatural.

During her senior year she was attacked by an invisible Libby (who was possessed by Ningyō at the time) during the middle of the night. The attack left her nearly strangled to death and scarred.

Her parents, however, assumed that Ambrose was responsible despite her protests. Finally fed up with them controlling every aspect of her life, she attempted to become independent. She was technically successful. ...If one counts being disowned as successful.

She and Ambrose became engaged for real during summer vacation.


  • She will switch to French when cursing so that she won't be understood.
  • Has a scar on her hip from a run-in with Inssaundru
  • Has been "marked" by Ambrose
  • Has quite a few children with Ambrose in the future, mainly due to the fact that sphinxes have litters. They can be seen hereDA.png and hereDA.png