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Senior Jamila.png

Name: Jamila Anisa Jackson

Age: 17

Grade: Senior

DOB: November 5th, 1995

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student at Misery High

Orientation: Bi

Relationship status: Dating Parker Lopez

Dorm Room/Roommate: Charlotte Taylor

Likes: Nicki Minaj, fashion, shopping, New York, rap and hip-hop, freestyle rapping, Young Money, Drake, Lil Wayne and everything else in that category.

Dislikes: Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj haters, not being able to shop, the woods, the country, anything not rap and hip-hop.

Personality: Jamila is just like any other chick who was raised in the less privileged area of New York; snarky, stubborn, sarcastic, venomous, and plenty of attitude! She has a lot of street smarts but not a lot of book smarts, except for math (hey, gotta know how to calculate prices and sales!).

Bio: Jamila was born and raised in Jamaica Queens of New York City. Both of her parents had low paying jobs, so life was never easy. As she grew older and a certain female rapper became a big, Jamila looked up to her, because she was raised in similar conditions and even in the same area! Jamila figured that if Nicki could go big despite her upbringing, she could too. And luck struck when her father won the lottery off of a scratchcard. So they were living the life of luxury for a while, until her parents decided to send her to Misery High to get a better education than the low-budget schools of the city. Jamila, of course, wasn't too happy about this transfer seeing as she was just fine where she was, and was planning to record a few of her own rap songs. But she finds this opportunity to better her skills.

Not too long after transferring, she met a handsome boy named Parker Lopez after he accidentally rollerbladed into her. Despite this awkward meeting, they hit it off almost instantly and began to date.

Between her sophomore and junior year, she found out her boyfriend was a werebear when he had transformed in the middle of *ahem* intimate affairs. Jamila was afraid of him for a while, avoiding him or only saying a few words if he tried to speak to her. Eventually she got over the fear because she loved him for who he was, werebear or not. He convinced her that he had his animal side under control and now things are content.

Relations: Daughter to Jamal and Aliya Jackson.


  • Has heterochromia.
  • When she thought she wouldn't get along with anyone at Misery High, she was gladly able to find out that her room mate shares her interest of Nicki Minaj.