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He's been butt raped, mind raped, blood raped, and most likely eye raped as well
@ SilverFlowerGirl13

Name: Jeremy Boobe (BOO-BAY)

Age: 14

Grade: 10

Gender: Male

Species: HUMAN

Occupation/role: Shota Bait

Jeremy: I am ga-

Relationship status: single

Dorm Room/Roommate: 288, Randy Shepard

Likes: BEATLES! Imitating his father's accent, singing, dancing, and his toy yellow submarine

Dislikes: David Bowie, his sister when she tells him Bowie is better, girls (Jeremy: D8 OMG EW BOOBIES (he's bi-curious, really)

Personality: Lives to annoy his sister, has a tendancy to use Beatle related songs in whatever he says (ex. "HEY! Where have you been? In a yellow submarine?") immature

Bio: Hillary and her brother Jeremy was born to a quiet British man... and a Beatles obsessed mother. Seriously. The only reason she married John was because a) he was named John b) His last name was Boobe, like the character in A Yellow Submarine an c) HE WAS BRITISH. So she named her first child Hillary and her second child Jeremy, as in Jeremy Hillary Boob. Of course, Hillary grew up, not liking the Beatles, but hating them with a passion. Jeremy on the other hand... didn't just get his mother's looks, he got her obsession too. He was PROUD to be named after the Nowhere man, and says so all the time.

Relations: John, (Father) Eleanor, (Mother) Hillary (bitch of an older sister)