The Misery High Wiki
Senior Kathryn.png

Name: Kathryn Grace Valentino

Age: 16

Grade: 12th

DOB: October 11th, 1996

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student/MH's own Mob boss (secretively)

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: She's not exactly dating but she has a sexual relationship with her bodyguard, Richard Ames.

Dorm Room/Roommate: 232, none

Likes: Money, highly prestigious/fancy things, dealing (drugs, weapons, etc), being repaid for her "favors"

Dislikes: Not being repaid for her "favors", getting caught dealing, rival mob bosses

Personality: Kathryn isn't the one for friends, instead, she likes to keep what she calls "associates" closeby. She believes having "friends" are a waste of time. She's a tough girl, and tries to get whatever she wants.

Bio: Kathryn grew up in a secluded mansion in the mountainy Hudson Valley region of New York, constantly watching her father handle his "business" while trying to avoid the law. She was heavily influenced by this, and picked this up on her own, although her family doesn't know about her own dealings. When it was old enough for her to go to high school, they packed her up and sent her to Misery High. Although far from home, it doesn't stop her from what she learned at home. So far she's done things in the school that could've gotten her arrested. However, she is sneaky and manipulative, and has good ways of hiding evidence while making fast cash in the process.

Family: Kept private.