The Misery High Wiki

Name: Huan Lee Kwan AKA Douche McDouchebag

Age: 14 (September 24th)

Grade: Sophomore

Species: Hipster Human

Occupation/role: Student/resident snarkypants

Orientation: Bi-curious ("Too afraid to come out of the closet", as Harvey puts it)

Relationship status: Crushing on Teto Auspisticing with Harvey and Teto Forever single

Dorm room/roommate: 665, none

Likes: Telling the cold hard truth, sarcasm, winning (be it arguments or games), being in control, bullying Harvey, his few friends, indie music, K-Pop (SHHHH), when people comply with whatever he says

Dislikes: Being forced to lie, when his sarcasm is overruled, losing, NOT being in control (which is a lot), when Harvey squeals to his pale goth girlfriend, Harvey in general, pop music

Personality: People get the impression that Kwan is a stuck up snob. Which is true. He's also a whiny bitch who has a truth problem. Kwan is a ruthlessly cold person, who shrugs off people in an instant. Although his snarky tendencies repel most people, he's really a jerk with a heart of gold who has been through a lot.

Bio: Kwan grew up in Seoul, Korea, with two loving parents in an apartment complex in the busy parts of the city. He was an only child, having only his mother at home because his father was busy all day. Mr. Huan worked at a prestegious university, and he was rarely there for his son; he didn't attend birthday parties, school plays, or recitals. Kwan was doing well in school, but his father didn't even see his grades, and just made the impression that his son wasn't even trying. Bitter and angry at this assumption, Kwan's grades started to slip. As he tried harder to keep up, the worse he was doing. This led to numerous fights with his dad late at night, with Kwan being compared to his cousin Harvey, who he barely even saw. Mrs. Huan was worried on how this would affect her son.

Then Ae Cha's cousin had died. Frantic and very, very worried, she had tried calling her family, not knowing that they had changed their phone number. While she was ransacking the phone books, her husband was looking for prestegious schools to transfer Kwan to. He found Misery High, seeing that it would be the ideal school to shape him up. Coincidentally, Kwan found out that his cousin was attending via Facebook. Upon his arrival, well, he has run into several weird things. He's not very happy with this.