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Lina Acai, during the 2011-2012 School Year.

Name: Lina Cherry Acai

Age: 17

Grade: 12th (Class of 2013)

Gender: female

Species: Human

Occupation: Student, Cooking club member

Roommate: #226, Lilah Grey

Personal Info[]

Orientation: Bisexual

Status: In a relationship with Matt Evans

Likes: Cooking, the colors purple, red, and black, Art, Smoothies, reading, Nightwish, Lady Gaga, video games, messing with computers, cooking, etc...

Dislikes: A lot of stuff...

Personality: Shy, Quiet at first, but she gets more and more comfortable around you as she spends more time with you, stands up for what she believes in, stands up for others (since she was bullied in the past)


Matt and Lina, celebrating three months of being together.

Lina was born in a small town called Redwood. As she grew up, so did the town. Her family life was horrible. Her parents always fought, and she and her younger brother and sister would always have to take care of themselves. She practically took care of her two younger siblings, until her parents finally saw a marriage counselor. That’s when they moved and her dad got a better job. When she started middle school, Lina started acting out. She would fight with others and she would talk back to teachers. She continuously got kicked out of multiple schools, because most of the fights she was in the other students would make fun of her or her siblings, and the other person would put all of the blame on her. By this time, she had highlights in her brown hair, and piercings in her ears and on her face.

She told her parents that she hated then, because they never bothered to ask her or her siblings how they had felt about the two of them always fighting and how they had recently brought her into the fights. At one point, her dad had started abusing her and her mother. Her mom had finally left her father, taking her and her siblings with her, and they started in a different city.

When Lina turned 16, her mother sent her to Misery High, because she wanted her to have a safe, stable learning environment that her friend had told her about. Lina was reluctant to go, because the school had scared her, but then she agreed. She dyed her hair black and took out her facial piercings, to abide by the school rules. She’s ready to start her schooling, of course, unless something was to happen to her...

She wears the headband on her head because it was a gift from her mother, back before her parents had started fighting, and the reason she has so many piercings is because her younger brother and sister would always get her earrings for her birthdays, until her mom made them stop.


  • In her spare time, you’ll catch Lina reading, cooking, admiring art, attempting to make art, or just wandering around in circles (since she might have ran out of things to do).
  • Is currently pregnant with Matt's baby.