The Misery High Wiki

The Time Traveler

Name: Maxwell “Max” Bonner

Age: 14

DOB: January 19, 1997 (or so his papers claim)

Grade: Freshman (Class of 2015)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Dorm Room/Roommate: *needs one*

Likes: Technology, reading about technology, fiddling with technology, debating scientific theories, practical jokes.

Dislikes: Big, mean football players, not being able to figure something out.

Personality: A big joker who likes to have fun but is incredibly intelligent.

Bio: Not much about Max’s family is known. Max left his home and came to Misery Falls to attend Misery High, making himself a new life on his own and even changing his last name (he chose Bonner because he thought it was hilarious). The immature boy, though a genius, forged very convincing documents about his education (including that he'd taken freshman level science and math classes at a previous school and is at a higher level) and family (who he claims to be very rich executives of a programming company) and was let into Misery High. Why he would go through all the trouble to attend such a school of rumored haunting and deaths is beyond anyone’s knowledge except his own. Only known to himself, Max originates from the future and has taken residence in Misery High. Why he chose to come back to this time period is anyone’s guess and only Max knows of his own plans.


Max has bright blonde hair that is usually gelled back with a curly cowlick in the back. He has bright light blue eyes that are always wide and happy. He is on the short side and a bit chunky around the waist. He is usually seen smiling and in a good mood.



  • Mother: Arielle Hansley (though the teenage Misery High student version of her doesn't know this)


  • He likes to talk and get along with everyone.


  • Max isn't interested in romance as he is on a mission from the future, whatever that may be. Arielle has grown fond of him and Max is doing all he can to avoid her and make her feelings for him change. He doesn't want his existance to be tampered with after all.