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Not to be mistaken for an albino drowart
@ SilverFlowerGirl13

Name: Pepper Ann McGee

Age: 15

Grade: 9th

Gender: Female

Species: Human albino burrito!

Occupation/role: Drowling maker Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: With Ssaundru Alexander, who is a drow

Dorm Room/Roommmate: 243, with Eriscordia Hallows

Likes: Ssaundru, Eris, her choker, video games but Ssaundru took them all away! Bad Ssandy!, sitting by the lake, being safe, not bleeding, pizza, pandas, the color purple, and no sunshine

Dislikes: Blood, some ghosts, blood, her parents sometimes, blood, Inssaundru, blood, girls who might like Ssaundru more Pepper: *back senses are tingling* O_e?, and blood

Personality: Shy, doesn't hang out with a lot of kids, but if you manage to worm your way into her few friends, she'll open up a bit... but perhaps only to Ssaundru

Bio: Basically, Pepper's parents (Ginger and Parsly) are an actress and director who spend most of their time travelling the world. So, when she was born, they dumped her on Parsly's brother: Thyme. Thyme was everything to her, father, brother, uncle. He was always there for her, you know? Then on her eighth birthday, he got hit by a drunk driver. Blood, blood everywhere. Henceforth she had a great fear of blood. Also, on that birthday she recieved her choker, black with a purple amulet. And has been wearing it ever since, that is, until Ssaundru blew it up. He fixed it of course, but now it has a crack in it. Anywho, she has been through a lot of stuff, and angsts from time to time with Ssaundru who has a screwed up past, not to mention another personality (INssaundru). But, she'll survive.

After all, those drowlings won't make themselves.


  • Her fear of blood is so great, she faints at the sight of it
  • Is a total albino, white hair, pale skin, red eyes
  • Had a video game addiction. Ssaundru made her quit
  • Don't mess with her or Ssaundru will cut you up