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Name: Raphael Swanson

Age: 18

DOB: November 24, 1992

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Captain of the Fencing team, Senior (graduated)

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship status: Taken by Leonardo Griffin

Dorm Room/Rommate: 253, Blain Briggs

Favorite color: Turquoise

Likes: Cleanliness, acting, the theater, attention

Dislikes: When things are out of order, messes, when no one is paying attention to him.

Personality: Sophisticated and well mannered. Likes to act fancy. Can be very crabby when set off but is usually a nice guy, is a germaphobe, an attention hog, and can be very over dramatic.

Bio: Raphael comes from a rich family that is very into the arts. Because of that, he was introduced to the theater at a young age and became hooked. He’s a good actor but he takes it a little too seriously sometimes. His family is also very strict when it comes to behavior. He grew up in sophistication and it shows. He’s a good student but can become a little cocky. He swoons all the ladies, and some of the guys, (or at least he likes to think so) and takes pride in everything he does. Except when he fails. Then he goes and sulks.


  • Called Raph by his friends.
  • Wishes to adopt one day, perferably a baby girl as he's always wanted a daughter.



  • Son of Marla and Jeremy Swanson.
  • Younger brother to Francine. The siblings have been best friends since childhood and Francine cares for her "baby" brother dearly.


  • Saw his roommate, Blain, as an ignorant child and shared an equal loathing of him. Raphael became distressed when he found out that Blain was dating his boyfriend's younger sister thinking that with Blain being so immature he wouldn't treat her right. Raphael and Blain became closer during their senior year and now Raphael considers him a friend of sorts.
  • Friends with fellow drama enthusiast, Ophelia Carmen.
  • Friend and mentor to his freshman buddy, Michelangelo Kappel.


Raphael and Leo dressed up as Romeo and Juliet for Prom 2010.

  • Formed a crush on his favorite teacher and drama coach, Mr. Lanky, for the majority of his high school career. Those feeling faded, however, when he realized that he felt more for Leo and that a relationship with his teacher wouldn't happen. Lanky is still his favorite teacher and also sees him as a good friend.
  • Raphael is currently with Leonardo Griffin. Leo is the love of his life and dreams of spending the rest of his life with him. That dream was almost shattered, however, when Raphael's uptight, rich, religious parents didn't approve of their son dating another man. Refusing to leave Leo, Raphael's parents disowned him.