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Rhonda "Ronny" Michaels

'Name:' Rhonda "Ronny" Michaels

Age: 16

DOB: 3rd July 1994

Grade: 11, Junior

Species: Human

Occupation/Role: Student/Keyboardist for Haunting the Halls

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status:Long term relationship with Justin Patchett

Likes: Music (any kind), Cooking (mostly because it involves food), playing keyboard and acoustic guitar, the outside, learning

Dislikes: Wasted food, insults about her family, VP Rikerstahn, Jill Kilzemall, skirts, dresses, make-up and people who waste money


  • Cheerful, now a little quiet at times
  • Still gets hyper if she gets her hands on any kind of sugar caffeinated drinks (mainly Pepsi)
  • Tomboy-ish, still wary of dresses but persuade hard enough, she’ll give it a try


There’s something a little different about Ronny after the summer break- she’s become quieter, less chirpy and there’s a strange sad look that would cross her face when she’s alone. The naïve air that used to surround her is gone too, replaced with a somewhat more conscious mind of everything around her. She’s become a little tight-lipped about her family situation, unwilling to share it with anyone, even boyfriend Justin Ronny grew a little in height, gotten a little bit curvier and she’s left her hair down, secretly wanting to please Justin because of his first comment to her that he liked it better down.

She’s still trying to curb her problem of falling asleep when there’s classical/slow music and she’s developed some self-esteem problems, unsure if she’s being ‘a good girlfriend’ to Justin. Music and cooking still perk her up most of the time, even if her cheerfulness has dulled a little.

Currently friends with band members Blain, Justin and Estela; acquainted with Isaiah and roommate Tammy. She tutors Evan and Schuyler for Culinary class.

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