The Misery High Wiki

Name: Riley McCormick

Age: 15

DOB: October 31st, 1997

Grade: 9th

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: MH student/resident psychic

Orientation: Straight as a board.

Relationship status: Single

Dorm Room/Roommate: 251/Rory, who else?

Likes: Many instruments, mainly the guitar, "using and abusing" his psychic powers, bothering his older cousin, girls, occasionally switching places with his brother.

Dislikes: Being punished, not being able to move around, not being able to play his guitar, being "blind".

Personality: Riley has a personality matching his twin's. They're both wild, crazy, hyper and immature. They also work together to wreak havoc. the only difference is Riley is the "dumber" of the two.

Bio: Riley, along with his brother Rory, are the younger cousins of Ryan O'Donnell. They too were born with the psychic/medium genes even though it shows up in mainly women in their line. Riley inherits only psychic powers, being able to see the past and future much like his cousin, as well as possessing telepathic abilities.

Over the years, Riley and Rory got more attention than Ryan because their powers seemed to be stronger than his, especially when the twins combined theirs. Despite this they continuously followed Ryan around, bugging him to no end until they realized that Ryan's annoyance became their entertainment and they haven't stopped since.

Although their family is not as rich as Ryan's, they were able to get into Misery High via scholarships. Riley is really talented in music. Now he can't wait to get to pestering Ryan again.

Relations: Son to Neve and Connor McCormick, twin brother to Rory McCormick, nephew to Shane and Norma O'Donnell, younger cousin to Rhonda, Beatrice, Nicole, and Ryan O'Donnell.

Powers: Like his cousin, he can see people's pasts, past lives, and futures. Only he can see them in full detail, whilst Ryan can only see flashes. He can also touch an old object, and with concentration, he can see the history of said object, like who have used it and what for. He also has telepathy, between himself, Rory, and Ryan. Combining his powers with Rory will allow him to see the history of various ghosts and entities.

Weaknesses: His visions are not accurate sometimes. Because of his wild imagination, what he sees can be tangled with his own imagination, which have bad outcomes.


  • Pestering Ryan is like a game to both him and Rory
  • He has a crush on Minnie