The Misery High Wiki

Name: Simba Marco Miles

Age: May 17th, 1994. 17 years old

Grade: 12th

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student, sub-actor, older brother to coming student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Dated Jordan before she became a vampire, and now dating Ai Young

Dorm Room/Roommmate: 261, Michael Williams

Likes: Video games, Law, acting, Sports (Mosty Football), Pop and rock Music, and Art

Dislikes: Snakes, Stereotypes, his parents, Phoenix McPerson (for reasons in family *points to Fallon*)

Personality: Someone determined to fight and find out what's the truth, a giving person, a slight perv, smooth talker all the way, can be a party person when in the right mood

Bio: Born the oldest of Twins, their parents were out-of-work scientists and they could only afford to keep one child, favoring his sister Fallon... they gave Simba up to their uncle Remy Miles, who is a famous actor for Hollywood. He spent alot of his life surrounded by his uncle's habits and his many "lovers", each having a different affect on him which seemed to be permanent, but when he came to MH, he found himself got thrown into a few walls (Literally, Jordan doesn't like to be replaced o3o). But he's back in junior year, learning the ways of MH and suriving one day at a time.

Relations: Fallon Miles (Twin), Ai Young (Girlfriend and future wife), James McNeil (Best friend), Remy Miles (Uncle and Guardian), Antonio and Sarah Miles (Birth Mama and Papa)


  • Has a Bo-staff and can actually use it
  • Wants to be a lawyer and not an actor like his uncle
  • is jealous of Fallon secretly
  • his theme is this Hot Wings by