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Zabitha Wilson by Avatarraptor

Name: Zabitha April Wilson

Age: 16

Grade: Junior

Species: Human

Orientaion: Bisexual

Relationship stats: She will always be with her love of her life, Caliban

Occ/Role: HS student, bookworm, artist, science geek

Likes: drawing, reading, writing, bright neon colors, buttons, fluffy stuff, bows, talking, her own fashion, butterflies, Digimon, Rainbows, and comics

Dislikes: dark colors, school, being quite, rules, people who make fun of her, spiders, cats, heights, being infront of people(stage fright)

Personality: outgoing, talkative, cheerful, helpful, kind, friendly

Bio: Zabitha Wilson use to live in Nome, Alaska til her parents decided to move to Amity Park. She went to Casper High for a year till her parents found out about Misery High. Seeing that Misery High is a better school, she was sent there. Zabitha has a knack for bright Neon colors and button collecting. She has over 100 buttons that she has been collecting for two years. She also loves to wear her buttons on her chest.

Zabitha is offten called "Zabby" for short. She is very talkative person. Zabitha is afraid of spiders and heights. Although she loves to talk, she can't stand in front of large crowds cause of her stage fright. Zabitha is new to the school and can't wait to meet friends. Zabitha is also about 4 months pregnant with Caliban and her's baby.