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Flying Blue Fuck the First
Art @ SilverFlowerGirl13

As you can plainly see, this ghost is a manwhore who sleep with anyone while spreading the goodness of Ghost AIDs. OH joy. The list goes on and on... but mostly includes:

Terrance Murphy
Richard Gallagher
Harold Gargoyle
Melissa *insertlastnamehere*
Aglaia Calypso

and a suspicion that Faythe Calypso was also involved with him, though this was not confirmed.

And, surprisingly, he has only one spawn.

The Next Flying Blue Fuck
art @ Silverflowergirl13

He will be the Next Flying Blue Fuck, God help us all when that time comes.

In the meantime however, he enjoys sex, more sex, sex with more then one person, sex with other things, sex with trees, and the general idea with sex. The only relative he really has is Daedalus, who if he was not caught up with inventing stuff that already exists, would most likely be as perverted as him.

Try not to get ghost stuff everywhere on the desk again, alright?
Art @ SilverFlowerGirl13

Surprisingly, again, he is currently seeing one person, and only one person at the time. She is a ghost, killed by Harold Gargoyle for pimp slapping him, one armed, and her hair clashes with everything. Her name is Aglaia Calypso, and she is the next American Ghost Top Model.